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Try a Hellenistic Design style. recently reported that based on searches made on Pinterest’s platform, Hellenistic Design is a top trend prediction for 2024.

The word Hellenistic, by the way, comes from the root word Hellas, which was the ancient Greek word for Greece. During the Hellenistic period, Greece colonized towns and kingdoms in Asia and Africa. As a result, Greek culture and language were exposed to these new areas, reaching as far as modern-day India. Hellenistic Revival is inspired by Ancient Greece and Its elements range from Corinthian columns to neoclassical-inspired wallpaper, and Greek statue art inspirations.

Hellenistic Living Room

Based on the return of the Dark Academia style trend during the pandemic (above), the re-birth of Hellenistic style is not surprising. The need to romanticize academics to cope with the increased time spent in front of computers has given life to this style trend. But Hellenistic Revival is more than just a symptom of the pandemic.

The Hellenistic Revival style incorporates ancient Greece aesthetic elements into current décor to create a design that pays respect to this period of history.

Classic elements infused into a timeless aesthetic
This interior design trend incorporates classic elements and infuses them into an aesthetic that won’t leave your home looking dated (as shown below). Homeowners who experiment with this design style are encouraged to go back in time while combining modern components that make the design seem warm and strange. Statues and patterns create a bridge with heritage and give us an imaginative space that feels relaxing. This trend combines the best of nostalgic design with Greek opulence.

Hellenistic Entryway

A rich color palette is also one of the characteristics of this style. The right combination of colors can transport us to a feeling of a sun-drenched day in the Mediterranean. The color palette is a mixture of black, white, and rich blues intertwined with gold details. Rich olive and terracotta shades can also be incorporated.

We immediately think of blue and white when it comes to this décor design, but gold and white color palettes demonstrate how lustrous this era was. Gold and white is a royal color match and is often seen at regal ceremonies such as weddings.

Regal, enchanting, luxurious, mystical
Hellenistic design was a prominent style during the 1980s. It’s whimsical busts and beautiful columns provided an impression of regality and luxury. The resurfacing of this style is owed to the demand for incorporating fantasy and lore-inspired features into homes.

Interior design trends such as Hellenistic Revival appreciate elaborate Greek-inspired elements that invite enchantment into design. Gods and goddesses generate a feeling of myth and tradition, allowing homeowners to immerse themselves in a mystical ambiance.

Not many things have the power of bringing luxury and attention to a space as an entire ancient Greek statue in your living room. Displaying decorative Grecian busts is a great way to bring a sense of grandeur into a home. Don’t just think of traditional stone or marble statues though, these trending busts and sculptures can be bold and creative.

Top it off and add finishing touches
Much has been said about the fifth wall of a house. Make sure to make the most of the ceiling in a home. Adding ceiling detail can give a space a unique personality. Every room can show off this decadent style. Include ornate molding and luxurious finishes in your design.

Hellenistic Ceiling Molding

Interior design is not all about the look, it has the power to communicate and bring feelings to reality. Having this trend in your house has the power to communicate an appreciation of art, culture, luxury and that you are updated and connected with what is going on in the world.

The Greek Key pattern also known as the “meander” is a repeating geometric motif that is most associated with ancient Greek décor. For the people of Ancient Greece, the meander was thought to symbolize eternity and the undulating flow of human life.

The Aphrodite aesthetic is named for the Greek goddess of love, beauty and fertility. This aesthetic is feminine, floral, with soft colors and touches. Aphroditie’s symbols include roses, doves and sparrows. Her colors reflect a Grecian sunset and include emerald, aqua, pale green, pink, violet and shades of blue.

Greek potters were constantly changing the shape of their famous vases and pots so they would feel comfortable to the hand and easy to carry. In ancient Greece, it was not enough to create something that was beautiful, it also had to be comfortable. That same attention to detail is a repetitive theme in this aesthetic, beauty, and comfort.

This amazing home décor style speaks to a desire for a fantastical escape as the world beyond our doorsteps continues to present unprecedented challenges. Hellenistic Revival satisfies the yearning for exciting, cozy and luxurious details that transform our homes into a much-needed retreat.

Hellenistic Office

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