How Much Does Interior Design Cost?


It’s the elephant in the room when I’m approached by any client: How much are you willing to spend on the project you envision? Particularly with first-time clients, there’s often a wide gap between their expectations and the realities of the marketplace. That gap, though, isn’t all that difficult to bridge when all the factors involved in a project are assessed and explained.

First off: The instinct to base a budget on the the cost of a “complete (fill in the blank) room set” as advertised in the Sunday supplement is perhaps the worst place to start. The reality is that the chain doing the advertising is probably looking to clear out what didn’t sell to make room for other furniture they’re choosing to sell in bulk quantities.

Think about that for a second. When you go to a furniture retailer, you’re limiting your choices to what their buyers thought you’d like to see. Certainly, there’s room for you to choose but those selections are limited compared to what a decorator has to offer in terms of suiting your individual requirements and preferences . . . AND BUDGET!

Moreover, my clients are quoted prices that represent true end-to-end costs including time spent on selections, delivery, installation and other work such as painting and carpentry that complete a redecorating project. The furniture chain can sell you furniture; the carpet store can sell you carpet; the paint store can sell you paint; the lighting store can sell you lighting, and so on.

But who schedules the deliveries . . . in the proper sequence? Who helps you pick the fabrics and consults with you on color schemes? Who hires the painters and the electricians? Who is there to make sure all the work is done properly, whether you’re there or not.

That’s where my team and I make the biggest difference. We’re there not only to consult with you on the big picture, we’re there to act as your advisors and facilitators. We have the sources to offer you selections that meet your individual tastes and needs. We’ve got trusted contractors with whom we’ve built longstanding relationships and have earned our trust. And we have the expertise to make it all suit you perfectly.

We even make sure the boxes are gone after the deliveries are made.

Oh, and back to the question that got me started. The realistic jumping-off point for a project is averaging $15,000 per room. Yes, that’s more than the department store price. But you’re doing more than re-furnishing a room. You’re redesigning a space where you live.

Is every project different? Of course. Redesigning a space in rental housing is different from redesigning a space where you’ll be living for years to come. Does quality make a difference? Of course. There are VWs, there are Audis and there are Porsches. The same holds true in home furnishings.

Keep those factors in mind as you begin the process of redesigning your home. Keep in mind, too, that my team and I are here to help every step of the way. Contact me today at 703-299-0633 and let’s talk.

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