Finding Your Design Style

Do you know which design styles really appeal to you, or which would work best in your individual living space? Perhaps you’ve thought about incorporating elements of a particular style into your home but aren’t really sure if they’ll work. The expert interior designers at Bertin’s Decorating Den Interiors break down the many styles of design you have to choose from and make it easy to find which suits your personality and your home the best!

The way in which your rooms are designed says a lot about your personality. Interior design is a personal expression of your style, from fabric selection to furnishings and lighting fixtures. We love to work with existing pieces or cherished items because living spaces should reflect clients’ personalities. We take your space into account while we guide you in making product selections.

Popular design styles include:

  • Contemporary. This style breaks the traditional rules of design to create a casual, eclectic space that emphasizes the importance of comfort.
  • Country. The simple, cozy elements featured in country decor make a home feel more lived-in and personal.
  • Eclectic. This style combines elements from various time periods to create a unique, cohesive look.
  • Modern. The post war ideals of cutting excess and using materials practically shine through in this style, which focuses heavily on the trends of the 1920s through the 1950s.
  • Rustic. This design plays with free-form shapes and natural elements used to make materials to create a comforting and homey environment
  • Traditional. This style is very clean and polished. Think stone or porcelain elements, fresh, crisp cotton, antique accessories, and lots of neutral colors.
  • Transitional. This style blends the comfort of traditional styles with the clean, sophisticated aspects of contemporary design.

I loved working with Jan Bertin of Decorating Den in Alexandria. When I first called around to different designers, she was the only interior designer who was enthusiastic to work within my budget. She is honest, kind, and has a great eye for design; she also has a great group of contractors. She helped me achieve the look that I was going for and stayed true to the budget. I have and would recommend Jan to my friends and will call her again when we start on more house projects.

– L.Z., Alexandria, VA

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